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Trekkers enjoying Beas kund trek

beas kund trek

Duration:  3 Days/2 Nights

Price:    6400 /   2000 off

After Discount:  4400 / Person View Details
Rani Sui Lake in winters

rani sui lake trek

Duration:  3 Days/2 Nights

Price:    7200 /   1300 off

After Discount:  5900 / Person View Details
Patalsu peak trek

patalsu peak trek

Duration:  3 Days/2 Nights

Price:    6800 /   2000 off

After Discount:  4800 / Person View Details
Bhrigu lake covered by snow

bhrigu lake trek

Duration:  3 Days/2 Nights

Price:    4400 / Person

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Hampta Pass Trek

hampta pass trek

Duration:  5 Days/4 Nights

Price:    8400 / Person

View Details
Dashaur Lake Trek

dashaur lake trek

Duration:  2 Days/1 Nights

Price:    5600 /   700 off

After Discount:  4900 / Person View Details

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The most adventurous and the safe trekking, climbing, camping tour operators. We started this company in the year 2013 and since then we are providing people well-organized adventurous journeys like trekking, climbing, skiing, cycling and much more by following all the safety standards. We have a team of professional trained and certified instructors from the Mountaineering Institute of Manali. Our only motive is to provide you with the best experience so that you can never forget the trip you have with us and you can cherish them in your memories forever. We provide you with fixed departures, customized trekking and adventure trips, where we commit you that we will never cancel our adventure trips from our side unless due to something which leads to Force Majeure. At Broza adventures, we also believe in group size values according to our routes, where we go for our adventurous tours with our participants, so that the whole trip is smooth, filled with lots of adventure and we can cater to every requirement of our participants.

On board with us are our exceptionally talented and certified trekking leaders who will play a very significant part in your treks and expedition as they will assist you throughout the journey. We also have other team members and cooks whose duty is to provide you with the best experience during the trip. We have several different adventure packages where you get so many options to choose from like Camping, Trekking, Mountain Climbing, Skiing, cycling, MotorBike trips, Jeep Safari and others. We have volunteered so many treks and one thing we have assured you about our participants Satisfaction. We will always make sure that all the needs of our travelers are fulfilled whether it be domestic or international travelers. Quality is our utmost priority. We will make sure that after your first trip with us, you will return to us for more such adventurous trips in the future. So, come and join us and get ready for a great adventure and fun!

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What Our Client Speaks

Agam Garg

“Broza adventures is one of the top-rated travel agencies which will provide you you with everything that is promised to you before the trek. The safety of the travelers is of utmost importance to them. Very professional travel guides and leaders. They provide you with the best food during your expedition and you will never feel that you are traveling with a group of people whom you have never met! For an amazing trekking, climbing experience you can choose Broza adventure without any doubt.”

Sarthak Vats

“Selecting Broza Adventures for the Yunam Expedition was the best decision ever. I have been on many treks but with Broza Adventures the thing was different as they have super friendly leaders and they give you the best food which makes the best overall experience. The best part was that the staffs and the cooking team are always on their toes to help you which I have never seen with any other travel agency. Everything was nicely arranged and coordinated to make sure that we do not waste any time during the expedition. Overall I can say that my Yumnam peak expedition was phenomenal with Broza adventures.”

Ankur Bug

“Camping in Manali with Broza adventures was the best part of my entire expedition. I have never experienced such a smooth journey till now. The leaders and the guides who travel with you are very experienced and know exactly what should be the next step. They provide you with all the help and necessities to make sure that your trekking and climbing experience becomes memorable. The whole team of Broza Adventures is very reliable and professional!”

Gargi Thakur

“I have been to Manali once before it this time when I went I made it in my mind that I will try some adventures activities. My friend suggested me to go with Broza adventures as they are very professional and have affordable rates. To be honest, I would say that it was the best decision I made this time. I did so many adventure activities like River rafting, Ziplining, snowboaring which I always wanted to do. The leaders at Broza adventures are very experienced and they will make suretagt you enjoy to the fullest. Very happy with Broza adventures.”

Juhi Chokshi

“Trekking in Manali with Broza adventures is something you should definitely try. I travelled solo this time and I would say that it was an unbelievable experience. It felt like I was in heaven. Apart from the clouds, snow and the best view, I was really mesmerized by the service that Broza adventures are offering. Since I went during December so there were some difficulties due to the weather but it was also handled by the leaders in the best possible manner. Also, they serve you quality food which is a cherry on top. Will travel again with Broza adventures very soon.”

Shubham jain

“We as a group of 3 friends went on the Beas Kund trek with Broza adventures last month. I was stunned to see such good leaders. They are so fit and knowledgeable with so much experience. Apart from this, the service which Broza Adventures offers was also commendable. The best part of the whole trek was that we could get hot food in that cold temperature. Broza adventures are worth it if you are looking for the best trekking experience. Looking forward to more such trekking experiences in the future with Broza.”

Jay Sharma

“There are many trekking places near Manali but I decided to go for the Patalsu peak trek with Broza adventures when I saw the notice about this trek on their website. Overall, it was a very good experience to travel with Broza adventures. All the bookings were done by Broza adventures and arrangements during the trek were also done by them. I got the best leaders who were highly talented and also got the best food during my trekking journey. We were also taught the basics of setting up a tent. I am sure that I will be traveling with Broza adventures again in the coming time.”

Kartik Chauhan

“Cheers to the leaders and all the members of Broza adventures for the smoothest way in which they conducted our Bhrigu lake trek. From the booking till the end of the journey everything was done in a very professional manner. The trek leaders are very knowledgeable and they make sure that you are well entertained throughout the journey. Apart from the trek, we were also introduced to so many beautiful landscapes. I was very happy at the end of the journey.”

Subhash Jain

“I recently did my first-ever trek with Broza adventures las. Iiend and we enjoyed every moment of the trek. During the friendship trek, our trekking group consisted of both experienced as well as fresher trekkers. All the guides of Broza Adventures were amazing with great fitness. Everyone in the group will motivate you which is required for newbies like us. The food that we got during the friendship peak trek was of the best quality. It is very difficult to get hot food at such high altitudes but Broza Adventures did it. Highly impressed and would recommend to everyone to travel with Broza adventures and experience it yourself.”

Purnima Patel

“I had an amazing experience during my latest Hampta pass trek. I have been on many treks but for a long time, I was unable to go anywhere due to my hectic schedule. Finally, I decided to go for the Hampta pass trek that Broza adventures were organizing. I am so happy that I decided to travel with Broza Adventures this time. The whole trek was filled with amazing landscapes and with Broza adventures we could experience all of it. The whole of the team of Broza Adventures is full of energy and will cheer you up in a way that you will be also filled with new energy even if you are tired. I went for 7 days trek at the most affordable rate ever. I would recommend it to everyone!”

Vishnu Reddy

“Choosing Broza Adventures for the Friendship peak expedition was the best thing. I have been on many treks but the professionalism that I experienced was amazing. The guides and the experts are very friendly and motivated which makes the overall experience much better. The cooking team ensured that the food are served delicious hot and fresh. The coordination among the staff was too good and I will suggest Broza Adventures to everyone out there who is looking forward to going and summit the Mt. Friendship peak.”

Anushka shetty

“I went to the Friendship peak trek with Broza Adventures which is one of the top-rated adventure tour operators which provided us with everything that was mentioned in itinerary during the trek. The team made sure of the safety of the all trekkers. The guide Saurabh and the other team members was very professional and passionate for their work. Also, food was provided to us during the trek. Completely satisfied with the trek and looking forward to more such treks with team Broza.”

Ashmita Garg

“Friendship peak expedition was on my wishlist for a long time. This time I went to explore the Friendship peak expedition with my group of friends. The rates that were charged by Broza Adventures were very affordable and there are many adventurous activities involved like Ziplining, Snowboarding, and others. The team leaders are very professional and they have a full idea about the place.”

Ashmita garg

“Friendship peak expedition was on my wishlist for a long time. This time I went to explore the Friendship peak expedition in may with my group of friends. The rates that were charged by Broza Adventures was worth it.”

Alok Prajapati

“I was suggested by one of my friends to go on the Friendship peak expedition with Broza Adventures. Since I was traveling solo so I met many new people on my trek and had the experience to trek with some of the best leaders during my trek. The services that are provided by Broza Adventures was excellent. When I went, the weather was bad but still, the team handled everything with professionalism and ensured a smooth trek. Looking forward to more such treks with Broza Adventures.”


“Great experience. Slightly challenging on day 2. But loved the arrangements and th food surprised us. Definitely recommend this trek”

Vasu Reddy

“The Rani Sui Lake trekking experience with Broza Adventures was amazing! I am amazed by the great beauty of the lake surrounded by majestic mountains. The hike is little challenging and offers amazing views in every direction. The serenity of the lake and the calmness of its surroundings make it a destination for nature lovers. I highly recommend this trek to all who wants the perfect combination of travel and trek.”

Rajesh Patel

“I have done many treks with many companies in the past, but Broza Adventures is really best selection for trekking to Beas Kund Trek the best price, website is also very easy to book your trek with minimum token amount, making it very easy to plan my trip. All the instructions and plan for the entire trip was already mentioned beforehand which made it very easy for trekkers like us. Will definitely join again and looking forward to my next trekking trip with Broza Adventures very soon!”

Ashish Singh

“I enjoyed a lot in Beas Kund Trek with Broza Adventures, and I can genuinely say it was an experience that was really above my expectations. From start to finish, the entire trekking was well organised, and they are pretty much sure about their trekkers satisfaction and enjoyment. ”

Pankaj Shahi

“In terms of rating, I would like to give a 5 star rating to this amazing adventure trekking company Broza Adventures, I am very happy with the way they deal with us. Their first priority was to give us a healthy environment, so that we can enjoy more with other unknown people also. Its my personal recommendation, if you are planning to explore Beas Kund Trek, then go with these guys to get more opportunities to explore new places. ”

Ayush Singh

“I had a great time with the Broza Adventures team for a 3 days and 2-nights easy trekking! As I have no experience in hiking and trekking before, I was so worried about the trip at the beginning! Thanks to the team for suggesting us an easy trek (from Manali-Lama dugh), showing a very nice view for us. We love the time spent with our guide in these three days as he is a really funny guy and he is really professional in the trek. And we love the views, It was perfect. I highly recommend Broza Adventures if you plan to explore India. ”

Denzil Solomon

“Incredible trek with Great organization. The Broza Adventures team was fantastic and accommodating. The scenery was beautiful during the Rani Sui Lake trek. The team provides us with the best food and trekking experience. ”

Amit Singh

“Amazing! Go on this trip! Sometimes you feel It’s challenging but the most beautiful experience. The guides are outstanding, and you will meet the most wonderful people on this trek. I must say the bond between the group was amazing. I must go with this crazy Adventure company in Himachal Pradesh. ”

Harshit Lodhi

“Rani Sui Lake Trek with Broza Adventures was an incredible experience! The whole team was quite knowledgeable, kind, and very careful about everyone's needs. Personally, I was always made to feel very safe and left free to just take it all in. Everyone on the team is happy to introduce you to the local culture and very pleased with the new experience. Be mindful of the cold temperatures on the night trek in Manali. It may not seem much for some. I'm very thankful to the Broza Adventures team for all their hard work and for making this trekking one of the best experiences ever. I will be back! ”

MitBhasi Dal

“The trip of a lifetime - Bhrigu Lake Trek in Himachal Pradesh was without a doubt our favorite trekking trip. The comfort and beauty, the incredibly caring members, the delicious food, the places we explore, along with the stunning beauty of the mountains. Hiking around small remote villages and relaxing on the snow... it was the best trip ever with Broza Adventures. I highly recommend going with them always in Manali. ”

Rekha Chaudhary

“This was our 2nd trip with Broza Adventures and it lived up to our very high expectations. It was a wonderfully arranged trip with beautiful trekking and great spots to watch, great hikes, and engaging lessons from the guide. The guide was wonderfully instructed and participated enthusiastically in all the activities. A shout-out also to the Broza Adventure team who each brought their perspective. Excellent Trip! Manali to Gulaba.”

Jessica Solomon

“A superb week exploring Manali. This was my first visit to Manali, and it was great. We had a tour manager and an expert guide from Broza Adventures. The hotel was fantastic, full of character, quiet & and private. The itinerary was properly made and a mix of every experience that we generally want in our lives. There was free time for us to explore more things while trekking, and there was guidance on how to use the free time we had. All in all a great week. Broza Adventures Travel is a provider that takes small groups on trekking and gives us the best experience in Bhrigu Lake Trek. ”

Abhishek Singh

“I enjoyed a lot in Bhrigu Lake Trek with Broza Adventures, and I can say it was an experience that was really above my expectations. From start to finish, the entire trekking was well organised, and they are pretty much sure about their trekkers satisfaction and enjoyment.”

Rohit Dubey

“ I enjoyed a lot in Bhrigu Lake Trek with Broza Adventures, and I can say it was an experience that was really above my expectations. From Manali to Gulaba, the whole trek was well managed, and they were pretty much sure about their trekker's joy and enjoyment during the trek. ”

Rahul Dehran

“Broza Adventures is the top trekking team in Himachal Pradesh. All team members are locals, providing excellent service and high-quality equipment, including luxurious tents and sleeping arrangements. The food, especially the vegetarian biryani during the Hampta Pass summit, was outstanding. Thanks to Broza Adventures for a great experience! Looking forward to trekking with you again in Uttarakhand. The Chikka to Balu Ka Ghera trek during the Hampta Pass Trek was the best trekking experience. ”

Harsh Singh

“I've been doing treks with Broza Adventures for 3 years now, and they know what they're doing. Their staff is great, always seeking to provide the best trekking experience. Most importantly, they treat you like family. If you're considering a trek, contact them. Their MD can even join you on the trek if required. What more could we ask for? Best Travel company - Broza Adventures. ”

Megha Sharma

“I had a great time on the Hampta Pass Trek with Broza Adventures. It exceeded my expectations. The whole trek was well organized, and they made sure we were happy and having a good time from beginning to end. Moreover, I made lots of friend while trekking and explore many new places that will always be in my mind. Thank you so much Broza Adventures for this wonderful trek. ”

Ajay Rajput

“Amazing trekking with excellent company. The Broza Adventures team was awesome and very helpful. The views were stunning on the Hampta Pass trek. The team gave us delicious food and made the trekking experience the best.”

Vikas Sharma

“We loved trekking to Patalsu Peak. If you go to Manali, you should definitely try this trek. It's a great way to refresh your mind and soul. I had a wonderful time trekking with my cousins. Some people said it was a tough trek, but it felt easy with Broza Adventures. Everything went well, and I relished the beautiful snow-covered peaks. It's an adventure I'll always remember for a lifetime. ”

Kartikey Joshi

“I went to Kullu Valley last week and had a few days free, so we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Patalsu Peak for trekking. It was the most peaceful and amazing trek I've ever done. The trek has different difficulty levels, and as an intermediate trekker, I was really happy with it. Overall, the trip was really nice and enjoyable. ”

Tez Kamble

“Going on a trek to Patalsu was the best thing that happened in my trekking experience. I've been on many treks before, but none attracted and excited me as much as this one with Broza Adventure. I want to share a few things about it. First, the way the trek was organized was excellent. Great job, guys! Second, I enjoyed that every part of the trek followed the planned schedule. The timing and schedule were right on point. Thanks for this incredible trek! Great Job Broza Adventures! ”

Hemal Trivedi

“The thing I loved most about trekking at Kalihani Pass Trek was the excellent service by Broza Adventures. I usually rush at the last minute, so I packed my backpack with just the basics and ran off for the trek without much planning. Everything went smoothly because my agents took care of all the essential things. The entire trek was hassle-free, and I highly recommend such a trek. ”

Sneha Katolia

“We went on a 7-day Kalihani Pass Trek with Broza Adventures, and everything was great from start to finish. The contact and community beforehand made us feel well taken care of. The group and guide during the trek were amazing, accommodating everything to our fitness level and priorities. We enjoyed spectacular views, and delicious food and had an amazing time overall. ”

Shikha Singh

“Wow! Take this trip! It can be tough at times, but it's such a beautiful experience. The guides are great, and you'll encounter fantastic people on this trek. The bond within the group was excellent. I recommend always go with Broza Adventures. ”

Raghav Bamral

“Broza Adventures arranged a great trek on the Kalihani Pass Trek with a trained team and an experienced guide. They were there to help in difficult situations. Our guide had a lot of knowledge about the route. I would happily recommend Broza Adventurers to anyone willing on to try the Kalihani Pass trek. ”

Ravi Singh

“We had an amazing trip on the Kalihani Pass Trek with Broza Adventures - it was the best! The team took good care of us; the views were incredible, the food was delicious, and we explored some unique places, particularly the mountains. Walking in small villages and playing in the snow was so much fun. I really recommend choosing Broza Adventures for a great time. ”

Parag Upadhyay

“I did friendship peak expedition with Broza adventures from May 18th to 23rd ‘24. This was my first expedition and my overall experience was very good. The team was very professional - starting with their communication while booking , welcome in Solang ,explaining the gear usage , climbing practice and rope management. I learnt many things from them and they were polite and courteous to answer all my questions. The other details like the camp site locations , camping gear , food variety and quality were commendable as well. I would definitely recommend the team of Broza adventures for Friendship peak expedition. They never leave any climber alone which is testimony to their professionalism.”

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