Terms And Conditions

At Broza Adventures, we are glad to take you on our adventurous trips. When it comes to booking tickets, please make sure that you read the below-given Terms and Conditions so that there is confusion in the future.
You can book your tickets with us over email, telephone, or simply by online transaction through our website. However, before making any payment make sure that you reach out to us to confirm that there is gladly available for you in the team.

Terms and Conditions:-

  • Booking form- While filling up the application form, make sure you provide all the details correctly which should be complete and true.
  • Late Booking of the tickets- There is no extra charge for late booking but you have to make your payment in full while you are looking for any of the trips with Broza Adventures.
  • Payment and deposit money- Along with the booking application form, you will have to make a payment of 25%of for the trip per person. The balance money can be paid once on the arrival or before departure. The money shall be sent through bank transfer to our account, the details of which will be provided to you.
  • Booking confirmation- Once we have received your advance money, we will reserve your seat on our team and we will make all the necessary arrangements for the trip and send you the confirmation in writing.
  • Changes in information
    In case there is any change that affects the information that you have provided in the application form then you must immediately inform us through mail or telephone. Failure to do so may result in the levy of extra charges by the government authorities which should be borne by you.
  • Baggage and Luggage
    We always advise the trekkers and travelers to carry as less things as possible as it makes your trip super smooth and easy. You should make all your efforts to make sure that your baggage weight does not cross 15kg. In case you carry more than the prescribed limits then you shall be responsible for the extra charges of the porter.
  • Forced Cancellation
    In case there is any war, riot, or dispute in the country or any terrorist attack, abnormal weather conditions, or natural disaster then in that case we will have to change or even cancel your travel arrangements and we will not pay you the compensation for the same.
  • Cancellation Charges and refund policy
    if you Cancel before 30 days of trekking date- 95% will be refunded the total tour cost that you paid. Cancellation between 15 and 30 days of trekking date- 50% will be refunded the total tour cost that you paid. Cancellation in less than 15 days of trekking date- No advance will refunded.
    In case you want to cancel your bookings then it must be communicated to us in writing with cancellation charges mentioned above.
  • Self-responsibility
    We accept your booking on the assumption that you are physically and mentally prepared for trekking and other adventurous activities. You must accept all the risks that may be involved. In case of any medical conditions or any serious ailment, you must inform us before the booking. We reserve the right to refuse your booking in case your medical conditions are really serious.
  • Insurance
    We at Broza Adventures, expect that you are covered by proper insurance during the time of your trip with us. Please make sure that your insurance policy includes medical expenses, injury expenses, or even death.
  • Problems or Complaints
    In case you face any problem or if you have any complaint during the trip then you can at any time inform this to our leaders who will be leading you and your problems will be solved without any delay.
    All the interested trekkers are expected to read the above-mentioned terms and conditions properly and understand them properly before paying the trekking fee. During the road journey and other adventure treks, the participants are advised to follow all the safety measures as will be mentioned by our team. Also, you must take care of all the equipment that is issued to you by Broza Adventures at the start of the journey, failing which you will be liable for the losses.
    You can also reach out to us in case you want any more information regarding the trek.
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