patalsu peak trek

3 Days/2 Nights
13,990 ft.
-7°C to 20°C
Himachal Pradesh
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Patalsu Peak Trek - Trek in Himachal Pradesh

Patalsu Peak Trek is an enchanting trek that drags your attention. It is a magnificent peak with an altitude of 13,990 feet from sea level. Trekking through astounding forests of oak and pine leaves a bizarre experience in the minds of every trekker. Can enjoy the trek in any month, any season. 

It is a moderately easy trek route with profound nature spread over a wide space. Your trek will begin from the village of Solang. Appealing views of breathtaking Solang Valley and Manali peaks are worth watching during a trekking journey. 

During this trek, you can explore the snow-covered mountains of Kullu valley and feel the graceful, This trekking route will surprise you with amazing and panoramic views of Friendship Peak, Manali Peak, and Hanuman Tibba. Nature uncovers itself as you step ahead every time on this trekking journey.

Patalsu Peak Trek Best Time To Visit:

You can visit Patalasu Peak Trek at any time of the year because the view of this trek is very beautiful in all four seasons, whether it is Spring, Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, or Winter, in all four seasons of the year, the peak has its color in different forms. If you call this trek an all-season trek, then it will also be justified. But make sure you choose the best trekking company in winter who have local support and a trekking team like us. 

Patalsu Peak trek in April: If you want to experience a great trek, then April can be one of the best months to do this Trek. April is indeed a special month, during this time you can also trek on the snow above Basecamp Shagadugh and this month you can see grass turning green, and the flower buds start blooming, this month is the best to see the spring season in the mountains. 

Patalsu Peak trek in May: The temperature in May is very perfect.  The temperature ranges from 4°C to 6°C at night to 10°C to 20°C during the day.  You will not get snow on this Trek in May, but you will get a wonderful glimpse of summer during this trek, which you can see in blooming flowers in lush green meadows and pine and oak forests.

Patalsu Peak in June: this month's trek is a nice choice, offering favorable weather and breathtaking scenery. The trail typically involves an easy to moderate ascent. June provides clear skies and pleasant temperatures, making it ideal for trekking. You'll see lush green meadows, vibrant alpine flora, and possibly some snow patches at higher elevations of the route. The panoramic views from Patalsu Peak are stunning, the surrounding Himalayan peaks. It's essential to acclimatize well to make the most of this beautiful trek.

Patalsu Peak trek in December: By the time of December, this peak is completely covered by snow. The view of this trekkking route looks very beautiful and miraculous because during December sometimes it snows while trekking, which makes your trekking memories worth remembering for a lifetime. This trek in winter in December is as beautiful as it gets cold too, During December it gets really cold.  Winters are harsh when the temperature drops below 0 degrees after night. And normal on sunny days. 

The Weather of Patalsu Peak 

Patalsu Peak shows its magical touch during April and May. Summers are mostly sunny and monsoons are rainy and cloudy, in autumn you can expect clear weather and in winter this peak changes weather dramatically like sunny cloudy, and snowy

The Temperature in Patalsu Peak

Normally cool in this region. The temperature during summer is about 25 degrees Celsius. It will drop up to 10 degrees during the night. The winters in this region are cold and chilly as well. It is filled with snow between November and February, in winter you can expect 15 degrees Celsius. It will drop up to -12 degrees during the night in winter. 

The Difficulty Level of the Patalsu Peak Trekking Route 

We can say that this trek is an easy to moderate trekking route. It is located at a height of about 13,990 ft. from sea level. The trek begins from a height of 7,915 ft. right from Solang Valley. 

This route is one of the easiest ones for beginners. The trekkers with a short-term experience in trekking can pick this route.

Short Itinerary

Day 01: Drive from Manali to Solang Valley and Trek to Shagadugh:

Day 02: Shagadugh to Patalsu Peak Trek and back to Shagadugh:

Day 03: Trek from Shagadugh to Solang Valley and drive to Manali:

Detail Itinerary

Snow trekking in snowfall

Day 01: Drive From Manali to Solang Valley and Trek to Shagadugh

  • Altitude: (8400 ft. to 10,700 ft.)
  • Trek Distance: 4 to 5 hours travel 5 km trek
  • Drive Distance: A 14-kilometer drive to Solang Valley from Manali can be completed in 45 minutes to 1 hour. 
  • Trail Type: well marked with white arrow followed by Solang village
  • Water resources: This trekking patch has a tap and many water points from which you can fill your bottles.
  • Trekking difficulty: Easy 

Every member of the group should arrive at Manali. We will be starting this trekking journey from Manali. Enjoy your scrumptious breakfast items and tea time with your group. Get along well with group members and discuss trekking tours. Every member has to finish the registration process of trekking and acquire the required documents and licenses at our meeting point Rambagh near Manali Mall Road.

We will now start the real adventure of trekking. prepare your mind, We will start our journey to Solang Valley. We have to drive from Manali to Solang Valley which takes around 1-hour maximum. However, the time may vary according to the traffic levels. 

On the way, you will cross the river Beas and some elegant villages such as Burwa, Shanag, and Goshal. This journey will prove to be an unmatchable one because of excellent views of the unveiling of bounties of nature. You have to further go to the campsite and stay for the whole day in tents.

The next phase is a moderate one. Get prepared for a still moderate route known as Shagadugh base camp. However, it is not a very difficult route but beginners might feel it is a tiring trekking journey. We will begin our trek from Solang Valley to Shagadugh via Solang- the village from which the Solang Valley got its name. You have to travel a distance of 5 km on foot which takes around 5 hours. 

Do carry at least 1 liter of water during this trek as you have to go for a long distance. Although it is a short journey, it has several steep slopes. But you will climb these slopes easily when the alluring beauty of the Himalayas opens its doors for you. 

On the way to Shagadugh, you will witness huge oak and pine trees with vast acres of dense forests. You have to spend the whole night at a campsite in Shagadugh with your trekking group.

View from patalsu peak top

Day 02: Shagadugh to Patalsu Peak and back to Shagadugh base camp

  • Altitude: from 10,700 ft. to 13,990 ft. 
  • Trek Distance: 9 to 10 hours, 12 km trek
  • Trail Type: Followed by Dhungri 
  • Water resources: on summit day, there is no water stream during the trek, every participant should carry almost 2-liter water bottles full of water. 
  • Trekking difficulty: challenging

Today is quite an enthusiastic day for everyone. We are about to reach our final destination, From Shagadugh, we will start early our trekking to Patalsu Peak. It is a long trek route of 12 km that will go for about 9 to 10 hours. 

Steep ascent will keep arriving at every stage of your trekking route. Forceful winds will take your breath away. After climbing on a steep ridge of Mountain, you will finally reach top of the Mount Patalsu. 

Many wonderful things will be waiting for you on your way. You will enjoy aerial views of Hanuman Tibba, Beas Kund, Shitidhar, Friendship Peak, Rohtang Pass, Deo Tibba, and much more from the top. We will stay on the peak for some time to capture the captivating beauty of Patalsu Peak with our cameras. Now, we will take a reverse journey and return to Shagadugh and spend the night in camps.

Trekking back to solang valley

Day 03: Trek from Shagadugh to Solang Valley and drive to Manali 

  • Altitude: (10,700 ft. to 8,400 ft.)
  • Trek Distance: 2 to 3 hours, 4 km trek and 45 minutes drive to Manali 14 kilometers. 
  • Trail Type: well marked with white arrow followed by Solang village. 
  • Water resources: This trekking patch has some taps and many water points same as day 1.
  • Trekking difficulty: Easy 

This is the last day of our trekking trail. Trek started to repeat the same route that we took while climbing to Shagadugh from Solang Valley. It hardly takes 2 to 3 hours to reach from Solang valley to Manali by car or jeep. 

You can spend a day or two in Manali to know its culture and visit all the famous spots. Manali has an extensive range of shops for tourists wherein you can buy some interesting things. Take a leisure walk in markets and tickle your taste buds with local delicacies.

Inclusion And Exclusion


We at Broza Adventure offer different facilities for trekkers in our packages such as:

  • Hygienic meals from day 1 lunch to day 3 breakfast (Options available for both vegetarian and egg-eating trekkers)
  • 2 Nights accommodation in Alpine/Dome tents in 3 sharing.
  • Necessary permits and entry fees for trek routes.
  • Important common trekking equipment such as tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, warm sleeping bags, kitchen tents and dining tents, toilet tents,
  • Gaiters, crampons (if required)
  • Oxygen cylinders and first aid box.
  • Transport facility from Manali to Solang Valley and return to Manali as per itinerary.
  • Experienced mountaineering and trekking leader.
  • Porter/mule for carrying common trekking equipment.
  • Achievement certificate of our Company. 
  • Lifetime memories with the Broza Adventures team. 


  • Transportation from Manali to the nearest airport/railway station.
  • Day one breakfast and day 3 lunch.
  • Backpack offloading charges.
  • Personal potter.
  • Charges are additional for offloading at the last minute.
  • Personal expenses of any kind are not mentioned in the inclusions.

Backpack offloading :

It would be nice for trekkers to carry their luggage on their own. However, you will get help from our staff by paying some fees. You will get assistance for your backpack by paying the charges as below:

  • INR 1500/- if you pay online before 10 days of the journey
  • INR 1800/- after reaching at Manali

Please Note:- The weight of a backpack should be a maximum of 11 kg. You must bring a waterproof cover. No bags or suitcases are allowed on the journey.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you include sightseeing in Manali in your trekking package? 

A: No, Manali sightseeing is not included in our trekking packages. You have to bear the expenses of sightseeing on your own. We will provide accommodation only on the first day of the tour at Manali. 

Q: Which kind of clothes must I carry for trekking? 

A: The air at a higher altitude will be thin and the temperature may go below minus degrees. So, you must carry 5 layered warm clothes. Apart from that, you must also take thermals and thick T-shirts. 

Q: Which other accessories must I carry during a trekking journey? 

A: You have to carry a headlamp, hand gloves, a trekking pole, a suncap, socks, and sunglasses

Q: Where does the Patalsu Peak trek start and end? 

A: The Patalsu Peak trek starts from the Solang Valley via Solang village near Manali in Himachal Pradesh, India, and ends at the same route after the summit of Mount Patalsu and back to Solang Valley. 

Q: Is it safe to trek to Patalsu Peak? 

A: Yes it's safe in all seasons but trekking with experts is often safer than going alone, especially in unfamiliar terrain. Must note that Winter treks might have snow, which requires specific gear and skills so you must join the trekking batch

Q: How difficult is the patalsu peak trek? 

A: The difficulty of the trek is based on several factors including your level of trekking experience, fitness, and the route you choose. Generally, the trek is considered to be of easy trek in summer and a moderate trek in winter.

Things to be carried for This Trek

  • Wind & Waterproof Jacket 1, Down Jacket 1, Fleece Jacket 2, Collared Full Sleeve T-Shirt 2.
  • Warmer/Thermal 1 (Top & Lower)
  • Woolen Cap 1, Sun Cap/Hat 1, Neck Warmer 1, Woolen Gloves 1 pair, Waterproof Gloves 1 pair. 
  • Warm socks 3 pairs Woolen Socks 2 pair. 
  • Water-resistant Trekking Shoes with good grip and high ankle. 
  •  Sunscreen Lotion, Lip Balm. 
  •  Personal Medicines, please take advice from medical practitioners, Inhalers if any suffer from asthma or other.
  •  1 Water bottle- You will be trekking a lot so it is important to have your water bottles with you so that you feel comfortable throughout the adventurous trek.
  • Snacks and dry fruit- It is recommended that you have some snaking items like mini energy bars, cookies, or others. 
  • Backpack- This is one of the most important things for the whole trek. You must have a backpack along with you where you can put all your essentials like a mobile phone, cameras, water bottles, and other stuff.
  • 1 Poncho or Raincoat (Mandatory)-  As these locations are very offbeat you must always carry a raincoat with you so that you can still cover the trekking journey even if it is raining. This will ensure that you do not stop and keep moving toward your destination.

What our participants say about patalsu peak trek

  • By Jay Sharma 22 Oct 2022
    There are many trekking places near Manali but I decided to go for the Patalsu peak trek with Broza adventures when I saw the notice about this trek on their website. Overall, it was a very good experience to travel with Broza adventures. All the bookings were done by Broza adventures and arrangements during the trek were also done by them. I got the best leaders who were highly talented and also got the best food during my trekking journey. We were also taught the basics of setting up a tent. I am sure that I will be traveling with Broza adventures again in the coming time.
  • By Chaitanya 25 Dec 2023
    Great experience. Slightly challenging on day 2. But loved the arrangements and th food surprised us. Definitely recommend this trek
  • By Vikas Sharma 09 Feb 2024
    We loved trekking to Patalsu Peak. If you go to Manali, you should definitely try this trek. It's a great way to refresh your mind and soul. I had a wonderful time trekking with my cousins. Some people said it was a tough trek, but it felt easy with Broza Adventures. Everything went well, and I relished the beautiful snow-covered peaks. It's an adventure I'll always remember for a lifetime.
  • By Kartikey Joshi 09 Feb 2024
    I went to Kullu Valley last week and had a few days free, so we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Patalsu Peak for trekking. It was the most peaceful and amazing trek I've ever done. The trek has different difficulty levels, and as an intermediate trekker, I was really happy with it. Overall, the trip was really nice and enjoyable.
  • By Tez Kamble 09 Feb 2024
    Going on a trek to Patalsu was the best thing that happened in my trekking experience. I've been on many treks before, but none attracted and excited me as much as this one with Broza Adventure. I want to share a few things about it. First, the way the trek was organized was excellent. Great job, guys! Second, I enjoyed that every part of the trek followed the planned schedule. The timing and schedule were right on point. Thanks for this incredible trek! Great Job Broza Adventures!

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