hampta pass trek

5 Days/4 Nights
14,100 ft.
-6°C to 21°C
26 Km
Himachal Pradesh

Hampta Pass Trek With Chandratal

Hampta Pass trek is one of the eye-popping treks in Northern India, Every nature lover should do this trek once in a lifetime, This is an excellent trekking spot and you can find incredible places to explore.

Situated in the Kullu region of Himachal Pradesh, Hampta Pass Trek is one of the most bewitching treks in India. Breathtaking scenic beauty, idyllic mountains, lush green Kullu deep valley, and lots more to explore here. Likewise, one of the most intriguing places to visit here is Chandratal Lake in the Spiti area. Many wanderers and trek lovers come here to hike and trek. This trek has a total distance of almost 35 km. 

At the end of the trek, you will be able to explore the prominent Rohtang Pass. You can visit Manali from the Hampta Pass Trek and Manali, you can visit Chandratal Lake. 

The best time to do the Hampta Pass trek

The best time to visit Hampta Pass Trek is from June to October. During these months, you can visit and explore incredible things here. Interestingly, there are incredible chances you can experience the snowfall and beautiful glaciers here. Rains are expected during monsoons. Nevertheless, you can explore Manali, Chandratal, Spiti, and nearby regions. 

June to October are favorable months for trekking but you have to check the climate too. You will enjoy it here. 

Hampta Pass Trek in May: The temperature in Hampta Pass Trek in May is too cold. The temperature is between -1 degrees Celsius at night to 10 degrees Celsius during the daytime. In May, Hampta Pass is about to open for Trek. But one must check the weather conditions and situations in May. 

Hampta Pass Trek in June: If you wish to experience a superb trek, June can be one of the best months to visit Hampta Pass Trek. June is indeed a special month for snow and snowfall. While trekking here, you will feel that you are trekking in the Arctic region. Trekkers adore snow and it takes trekking to the next level. 

Hampta Pass Trek in July: Hampta Pass Trek is incredible and bewitching. In July, Hampta Pass Trek becomes an off-beat and adventure-filled place. This month is the best for trekking activities. You can enjoy the diversified landscapes and lush greenery of Kullu Manali, and watch the water flow near Chandratal Lake, Rohtang Pass, Spiti, and nearby places. 

Hampta Pass Trek in August: It is safe to visit Hampta Pass Trek in August, The beauty of the place becomes vibrant and amazing during this period. You will face rain but it will reduce gradually. The whole trek and the tour became memorable. You can perform trekking activities and hiking and it is awesome. 

Hampta Pass Trek in September and October: With pleasant days and calm nights, Hampta Pass Trek is best during monsoon months like September and October, There are some campsites where there are cool and rough winds at night. So, carry warm clothes along with you. You can perform treks, hikes, and other adventure activities. But it is always recommended to be cautious and have information about current weather situations.

Distance of Hampta Pass Trek:

Hampta Pass Trek is an almost 26 km long trek path. It is situated at a height of 14,000 feet and it has tremendous places and activities to explore.

The difficulty level of the Hampta Pass trek

Hampta Pass Trek is a moderate and average trek if we compute the difficult level. You can initiate trekking from Manali which is located at an altitude of 6,725 feet above. You will be able to finish the trek within 4 days and it is easy to trek here. 

Weather on the Hampta Pass Trek

Planning to visit the captivating Hampta Pass Trek? You can visit from May to October. However, during the monsoon season, the climatic season can be fluctuate and uncertain. Nevertheless, it is the best season for trekking, hiking, and other adventure activities.

the temperature on the Hampta Pass trek

As discussed earlier, the average temperature in Hampta Pass is between 12 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius in the morning. But at night, the temperature falls between -2 degrees Celsius and 6 degrees Celsius. You may also encounter snowfall during August, September, and October.

Short Itinerary

Day 01: Drive Manali to Jobri and trek to Chikka:

Day 02: Trek from Chikka to Balu Ka Ghera:

Day 03: Trek from Balu Ka Ghera to Shea Gohru via Hampta Pass:

Day 04: Shea Gohru to Chatru:

Day 05: Chatru to Manali:

Detail Itinerary

River in between of  trek from jobara to chika

Day 01: Drive Manali to Jobri and Trek to Chikka:

  • Altitude: 2050 meters to 2743 meters to 3048 meters
  • Drive distance: 16 kilometers. 
  • Trekking distance: 3 km of trek 
  • Trail: Followed by Jobri 
  • Water resources: There are many water resources on this trail
  • Trekking difficulty: easy

Our trekking trip will start from Manali in the morning around 9 am. We will drive from Manali to Jobri in the morning. The distance between Manali to Jobri is about 16 km and we have to drive for 1 hour. This journey is exciting and we will get to see the enchanting lush green nature of Kullu valley and Chandra valley on this road.

This journey will go upwards and we will witness majestic mountains waving at us. As you move upwards, the gushing River Beas will be seen on one side and tall pine trees on the other side. We will finally reach jobri within 1 hour.

Part 2: Trek from Jobri to Chikka

After reaching Jobri, our real adventure of trekking will begin. We have to walk through dense green forests of deodar and maple trees. It is an easy-to-moderate trekking route of about 3 km. After walking for some minutes, you will see Rani Nallah streams flowing at a good speed. Chikka Valley is waiting at the end of these forests to greet you. 

From Chikka Valley, the road ascends and you will see many boulders with colorful flowers and shrubs. This route also offers you the sight of horses running freely. We will spend the night at the Chikka campsite.

Trekkers crossing waterfall of Hampta valley

Day 02: Trek from Chikka to Balu Ka Ghera:

  • Altitude: 3048 meters to 3600 meters
  • Trekking distance: 7 kilometers. 
  • Trek duration: 6 to 7 hours.
  • Trail: Followed by Jwara
  • Water resources: it is better to carry enough water to complete your water needs
  • Trekking difficulty: Moderate. 

 As it is the second day, the journey will be a little more difficult than the first day. Today, we have to climb at an altitude of about 3600 m from our campsite. Firstly, we have to cross a wooden bridge to start our journey. The second trek route is along the Rani Nallah streams. It is a light-inclined path with little boulders. This path has vibrant and beautiful flowers, shrubs, sheep, and various types of plants. Moreover, it has a forest of maple trees as well as pine trees and lots of lush green spots. 

We have to cross a distance of around 2.5 km from the river. After the river crossing, we will watch the beautiful meadows of Jwara. This patch of land has many colorful flowers and shrubs that refresh your mind. We will spend some time at Jwara and enjoy lunch. After lunch, we will start our journey towards Balu ka Ghera. 

The route to Balu ka Ghera is wonderful with beautiful orchids and small exotic birds. The night campaign will be at Balu Ka Gera near huge mountains and hills.


Blooming flowers in balu ka ghera

Day 03: Trek from Balu Ka Ghera to Shea Gohru via Hampta Pass:

  • Altitude: 3600 meters to 3900 meters - 4200 meters. 
  • Trekking distance: 9 kilometres
  • Trek duration: 7 to 8 hours
  • Trekking trail: followed by Hampta Pass
  • Water resources: You must carry a good amount of water due to the shortage of water resources
  • Trekking type: Difficult

On the third day, the trek starts getting a bit difficult. So you need to be a bit careful as the air gets thinner than on previous days. We have to walk on the toughest routes of the Hampta Pass Trek. So, we will start our journey in the early morning at 7 am from Balu ka Ghera. We have to walk through Rani Nallah's streams. The starting phase of this trail is difficult and goes in a zigzag way. You will see big boulders on this route. After passing this land patch, you will be welcomed by a huge valley with a flowing river on another side.

After walking for about 2 km, our road becomes steeper and it ascends continuously. We have to climb on steeper slopes throughout the way. The path will be filled with snowfall and you will reach Hampta Pass after walking for 3 km. This pass is a small land patch that will take us to Lahaul.

The Lahaul trail descends and has muddy paths with loose sand. You will also have to walk near large boulders which makes the route more challenging. After crossing this difficult path, you will have to walk on a straight road to reach Shea Goru. We will spend a beautiful night with our group at Shea Goru. 

Trekkers crossing water stream

Day 04: Shea Gohru to Chatru Trek:

  • Altitude: 3900 meters to 3350 meters
  • Trekking distance: 5 to 6 kilometres descend. 
  • Trek duration 3 to 4 hours. 
  • Drive Distance 75 kilometres
  • Drive duration: 7 to 8 hours 
  • Trekking trail: Followed by Shea Goru 
  • Water resources: You must carry a bottle of water as this route has limited water resources 
  • Trekking difficulty: easy

On the fourth day, we will visit Chatru. This region is located in the lap of the Himalayas. Today, it is going to be a long day as we have to travel by car and then on walking. Chatru is a dainty temporary settlement on the banks of Chandra Rivulet and it's a beautiful downhill trek from the beautiful Shea Gohru. It has majestic views of mountains and streams where you can spend a lovely time in peace. 

We will start our trek at 7 am and have to cross the second river. Crossing the river is one of the most rocking things on this trek. Chandra River with its full force will meet you on this road. We will reach Chatru at 11 am. 

Drive from Chatru to ChandraTal Lake

After reaching Chatru, we have to start driving to reach Chandra Tal Lake. This lake is located at a distance of 900 meters from Chatru. The full road from Chatru to Chandra Tal Lake is amazing with nature spots, scenic beauty, and huge landscapes. However, the road has unlevelled surfaces with dangerous curves and turns. Although the road is dangerous, you will still enjoy the thrilling experience of driving on this route. 

Driving along with the gigantic Spiti valley and lavish green landscapes is an unforgettable moment. We will finally land at Chandra Tal Lake after a short halt. The pure atmosphere around this lake will make you forget all your stress and worries. We will spend some time in this serene place and start our journey again to reach our campsite Chatru. We will reach Chatru by night and spend the night in tents. 

Chandertal lake

Day 05: Drive from Chatru to Manali:

  • Altitude: 3350 meters to 2050 meters
  • Drive distance: 60 kilometers. 
  • Drive duration:  3 to 4 hours
  • difficulty: easy 

Today is the last day of trekking. We will leave Chatru in the early morning. We will drive for around 2 hours to reach Manali. On our route, we will bid goodbye to the beautiful Spiti Valley. This road also has many checkposts and army tents. 

We will drive through the Atal Tunnel to reach Manali. Our Hampta Pass Trek route ends at noon in Manali. From Manali, we will all depart with bundles of memories of the Hampta Pass Trek. You can stay in Manali for a few days to enjoy its scenery and beauty.

Inclusion And Exclusion


At Broza Adventures, we take full safety of every trekker. We provide different facilities to every trekkers such as:

  • Permissions of local authorities and entry fees.
  •  Hygienic food during the trek from day 1 lunch to day 5 breakfast We offer both veg and egg dishes.
  • Well-trained trekking leaders 
  • Transportation from Manali to Jobri, Chatru to Chandertal and back to Manali as per itineraryitinerary. 
  • Comfortable stay in Alpine/dome tents for 4 nights in deferent campsite on route of Hampta Pass Trek.
  • Camps on 3 or 4 sharing basis. 
  • Oxygen cylinders and fully equipped first aid box. 
  •  All the important comon trekking equipment such as sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, dining tents, utensils, and kitchen tents. 
  • Mule for common equipment of trekking groups. 
  • Insurance of staff of Broza Adventures 


We do not include the following things in our trekking trips:

  • Insurance of participants. 
  • Any personal expenses. 
  • Meals and stay in Manali hotel and food during the travelling. 
  • Porter for personal belongings. 
  • Any item not included in “Price includes” 
  • Personal trekking equipment like, trekking shoes, jacket, trek pants, and backpack etc. 
  • Any emergency cost. 
  • Sightseeing and pickup drop from bus stand. 

Backpack offloading charges: 

Normally, every trekker is responsible to carry his/her personal belongings. But we will help you with carrying your luggage. You have to pay some charges for offloading backpacks: They are as under: 

  • INR 2500/- if you make payment online before 10 days of the trek
  • INR 3000/- after reaching Manali

You can carry a maximum weight of 11 kg and not more than that. Bags and suitcases are not allowed on the trekking journey. 



How To Reach Hampta Pass

By Train : Joginder nagar Railway station is the nearest railway station to reach Manali and Jobri which is the starting poin of Hampta pass trek. Manali is connected with a narrow gauge line with Joginder Nagar. From there you have to take taxi or bus to reach Manali. From Manali you can hire taxi to reach Jobri. 

By Road: Buses are available from Chandigarh/Delhi. Take a Volvo/ local bus or Taxi from Delhi or Chandigarh to Manali then to Jobri via Sethan. 

By flight: Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport to reach Manali From there you have to take Taxi to reach Jobri.

Essential Things to Take on Hampta Pass Trek

his trek is beautiful and adventurous for all trekkers, as we know there we can face unexpected weather conditions during the trek So we need to prepare for every possibility of himalayan weather, So here is Few Important items which are must on this trek. 

  • Raincoat/ Windcheater/Panzo, 
  • Torch with 2 extra pair of battery,
  • 4 pair Socks, 1 pair good trekking Shoes, 2 pair Gloves,
  • Regular Medicines, Glucose,
  •  Clothing: 2 trek pant, 2 t-shirts,  1 Jacket, Sun cap.
  • Dry fruits, Chocolates, toffee. 
  • Water Bottle of 1L.
  • Sunglasses, and other basic items of trekking.

Note: it is advisable to ask your doctor before book your trek, abd carry medicines if you have breathing problems or face high altitude sickness and lemons to smell to get over the inhaled wildflowers fumes. 

What our participants say about hampta pass trek

  • By Purnima Patel 22 Oct 2022
    I had an amazing experience during my latest Hampta pass trek. I have been on many treks but for a long time, I was unable to go anywhere due to my hectic schedule. Finally, I decided to go for the Hampta pass trek that Broza adventures were organizing. I am so happy that I decided to travel with Broza Adventures this time. The whole trek was filled with amazing landscapes and with Broza adventures we could experience all of it. The whole of the team of Broza Adventures is full of energy and will cheer you up in a way that you will be also filled with new energy even if you are tired. I went for 7 days trek at the most affordable rate ever. I would recommend it to everyone!
  • By Rahul Dehran 09 Feb 2024
    Broza Adventures is the top trekking team in Himachal Pradesh. All team members are locals, providing excellent service and high-quality equipment, including luxurious tents and sleeping arrangements. The food, especially the vegetarian biryani during the Hampta Pass summit, was outstanding. Thanks to Broza Adventures for a great experience! Looking forward to trekking with you again in Uttarakhand. The Chikka to Balu Ka Ghera trek during the Hampta Pass Trek was the best trekking experience.
  • By Harsh Singh 09 Feb 2024
    I've been doing treks with Broza Adventures for 3 years now, and they know what they're doing. Their staff is great, always seeking to provide the best trekking experience. Most importantly, they treat you like family. If you're considering a trek, contact them. Their MD can even join you on the trek if required. What more could we ask for? Best Travel company - Broza Adventures.
  • By Megha Sharma 09 Feb 2024
    I had a great time on the Hampta Pass Trek with Broza Adventures. It exceeded my expectations. The whole trek was well organized, and they made sure we were happy and having a good time from beginning to end. Moreover, I made lots of friend while trekking and explore many new places that will always be in my mind. Thank you so much Broza Adventures for this wonderful trek.
  • By Ajay Rajput 09 Feb 2024
    Amazing trekking with excellent company. The Broza Adventures team was awesome and very helpful. The views were stunning on the Hampta Pass trek. The team gave us delicious food and made the trekking experience the best.

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