hanuman tibba expedition

12 Days/11 Nights
5,982 metres
-12°C to 15°C
Himachal Pradesh

Hanuman Tibba Expedition All Details

Hanuman Tibba trek

Mt. Hanuman Tibba is Located in Solang Valley, Manali, District of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, When it comes to exploring India, all we remember is the mighty mountains, green trees, nature, trekking, and thrilling adventures with our friends. To rejuvenate yourself, you need to climb and trek India has many peaks to explore like, Yunam Peak Expedition, CB 13 Peak Expedition, Deo Tibba, and lots more. Today we will discuss in detail the Hanuman Tibba Expedition.

Mt Hanuman Tibba Expedition offers spectacular nature views to soothe your mind, any time of the year. Mt Hanuman Tibba is one of the most stunning and thrilling peaks located in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayan mountains. It passes through the rivulet of Beas Kund, alpine Solang Valley, and Tentu Pass. The road to Hanuman Tibba is stunning and it gives many beautiful and scenic views. You can go with your friends or loved ones to Hanuman Tibba to experience excellent trekking. It is an interesting fact to know that Hanuman Tibba Expedition is a challenging trek. But it guarantees you the enjoyment and thrilling experience across mountains and oceans. 

To do this expedition, you need to have physical fitness, much stamina, and knowledge and experience about the technical equipment of using them. Like how to use ice Axe, Jumar, Crampons, etc. If you have done a basic mountaineering course And also if you have climbed one to two peaks above 5000 meters then you are eligible for it.

Best Time To Do Mt. Hanuman Tibba Expedition

Trekking and mountaineering are forever a choice for every year around. But summer and autumn is the best time to do Mt. Hanuman Tibba Expedition, during the summer months May, and June, and in autumn September and October are one of the best time to do this Expedition.

monsoon climatic conditions can fluctuate. It is highly recommended to check the monsoon situations and then proceed with your trekking plans. During monsoon, The rains vary from moderate to heavy. It is therefore recommended to check the current status of the weather before proceeding with treks. 

Winter is not an advisable season for Hanuman Tibba all because of heavy snow, cold temperature, and a high chance of avalanches in winter. 

Weather and Temperature on Mt. Hanuman Tibba Expedition

Also known as the White Mountain is the tallest trek mountain in the state of Himachal Pradesh 

in the Dhauladhar range. It is situated at 5,982 meters and the weather is generally cool. During the months of summer May to July first week, the temperature ranges between 5 degrees to 16-degree celsius and it falls up to 0 degrees, 7 degrees, and even -1 degrees. However, summer is a pleasant and probably the best time to climb Mt. Hanuman Tibba.

During the autumn season, climatic conditions can fluctuate. It is highly recommended to check the climate situation and then proceed with your trekking plans. During the autumn months, September, and October the temperature is generally between 7 degrees to 21 degrees Celsius. And can drop from -11 degrees to 5 degrees Celsius at night. 

Lakes and Peaks to explore near Mt. Hanuman Tibba:

Hanuman Tibba is a scenic peak with almost 5,860 m in height in Manali, HP. Amidst the beautiful Pir Panjal Ranges, nearby Solang Valley nestles Hanuman Tibba for mountaineers. A Lot of places are situated nearby Mt Hanuman Tibba. Let us discuss them.

Whenever you have plans to climb Mt. Hanuman Tibba Expedition, you should do some of these treks of expeditions like Beas Kund Tek, Patalsu Peak Trek, Mount Friendship Peak Expedition, Ladakhi Peak, and lots more.

Short Itinerary

Detail Itinerary

Hanuman Tibba trek

Day 01: Arrival in Manali

  • Altitude: 2050 m

You have to reach Manali by 11 am along with the trek members. The Mandalay can be a bit critical as we need to assemble the team and also get a few permits for the trek expedition. The team requires certain documents and ID proofs before proceeding. We need 2 permits, 1 from DFO Manali and the other from the IMF. These permits are necessary for every climbing expedition. Team members will stay at a hotel in Manali after getting fresh. Our team will meet with all our participants and discuss our schedule, spend some quality time with the group and overnight stay in a hotel in Manali.

Dhundi to Beas Kund Trek

Day 02: After breakfast drive From Manali to Dhundi and trek to Beas Kund campsite ( base camp)

  • Altitude: 2,050 meters to 3,690 meters
  • Drive: 21 kilometers, 1 to 1.5 hours. 
  • Trek Distance: Almost 7 to 8 kilometers. 
  • Trek duration: almost 7 to 8 hours. 
  • Difficulty: Moderate

The next morning we will drive to Dhundi and reach early in the morning. We will carry the luggage and go towards Bakkarthatch. The Bakkarthatch trek is very simple and steadyWe will be crossing 3-4 camps where the sailplanes are visible. Likewise, we will cross the trail of the Beas river that flows alongside us throughout the day. Also, we will cross a wooden bridge that has no railings. This bridge can be a lot of excitement. Moreover, it has lush green trails near the Beas kund. Across 12, we will have our lunch. Post lunch, we will continue our trekking to the Beas Kund glacier. It has a steep climb to an almost 300m long green field. While trekking, we will be able to explore huge mountains, hanging glaciers, and lots of rejuvenating nature sights.

Base camp of Hanuman Tibba Peak

Day 03: Training day and load ferry (by Potter):

  • Altitude: 3,690 meters.
  • Distance: short height gain hike 
  • Duration: 1 to 2 hours. 

Today will be a complete rest and break day. We will enjoy at the base camp exploring Beas Kund and enjoying the vibes of nature and qualities of your body with a short hike. The tasks for today include crampon fitting, technical gear distribution & general meeting on what to do and how we will proceed for the coming days.

Training of how to climb peak

Day 04: Training day and load ferry( by Potter): 

Today the porter team will load the ferry and plan the activities for the upcoming days. The instructor and team members will perform and teach you about the ice climbing practice on the glacier. Full-day training on the glaciers. About how to use all climbing equipment in a climbing expedition and how we will do teamwork with all climbing groups in the mountains. Rest after learning and experiencing these things and overnight stay in camps.

Cloudy and blue sky during the trek

Day 05: Base Camp to Camp 1

  • Altitude: 3,690 meters to 4,445 meters
  • Drive: Tentu pass 
  • Distance: 3 km
  • Duration: 6 to 7 hours
  • Trail Type: steep climb
  • Difficulty: Hard

Today early morning we will be climbing towards Camp 1 for the Tentu Pass. Today is the day to walk or trek on a steep snow slope. We will reach the campsite and we will be without kitchen staff. All the expedition members (guests, trek guides, trek members, high-altitude Friends (HAF), etc) will collaborate & work together. We will carry loads, pitch, remove the camp, cook food, and wash and clean dishes. Starting tonight, we will be camping on snow glaciers for the next few days.

Tentu pass trek

Day 06: Trek to camp 2 Via Tentu PaaS Near Glacier Lake

  • Altitude:4,445 meters to 4,7010 meters.
  • Distance: 2.5 to 3 kilometers.
  • Duration: 5 hours. 
  • Trail Type: steep climb.
  • Difficulty: hard

Today early morning we will climb towards Camp 2 and we will be trekking again on a snowy glacier slope. 

Snowy mountain

Day 07: Trek to summit camp:

  • Altitude: 47010 meters to 5,100 meters
  • Distance: 6 to 7 kilometers more and glacier 
  • Duration: 7 to 8 hours
  • Trail Type: rocky and glacier. 
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Today is somewhat of a challenging day for the entire trekking expedition. The climb on the Tentu pass trek top is steep and can be challenging. We will have to check climatic conditions & snowfall and depending upon the same, we will fix ropes for the trek members. Once we reach the trek pass, we will be able to view the fantastic and idyllic nature that will make us rejuvenated. We will spend some quality time amidst nature and click Instagrammable images.

Climbing of Hanuman Tibba

Day 08: Summit Camp to Hanuman Tibba Summit Attempt and back to Summit Camp

  • Altitude: 5200 meters to 5982 meters
  • Distance: 6 to 7 kilometers from.
  • Duration: 8-9 hours. 
  • Trail Type: steep climb in full of snow
  • Difficulty: hard

Flat walk and so it will be done easily. The height gain will be barely 200 m. But the hike is very long and it will take almost 7 hours. It is challenging as we have to constantly over snow glaciers surpassing some crevasses. Once we arrive at camp, we will quickly have early dinner and return to our tents. Later on, at night we will execute the summit attempt.

Morning time during the Expedition

Day 09: Summit Camp to Camp 1:

  • Altitude: 5,200 meters to 4,445 meters
  • Distance: 9 kilometers
  • Duration: 6 to 7 hours
  • Trail Type: rocky, glacier, steep descent 
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Today we will return to Camp 1. Today we will have complete rest. Spend quality time taking clicks, eating, resting, and singing songs with our trek members. This day will also be reserved as a buffer day in case the first Summit Attempt is called off due to fluctuating climatic conditions.

Fresh snowfall in Pir Panjal Range

Day 10: Camp 1 to Base Camp:

  • Altitude: 4,445 meters to 3,690 meters
  • Distance: 3 kilometers
  • Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Trail Type: rocky and steep descent. 
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Today early morning, we will start the trek back to Tentu Pass towards base camp. We will have to be careful as the gully can be steep or slippery but afterward, it will be a pleasant slide down the hills. We will again reach the base camp, we will be welcomed by staff members and we will enjoy the day with trek members and rest. 

Sheep croosing water stream

Day 11: Base Camp to Dhundi and drive to Manali:

  • Altitude: 3,690 meters to 2,050 meters. 
  • Drive: Tentu pass 
  • Distance: 9 kilometers
  • Duration: 5 to 6 hours
  • Trail Type: easy trail
  • Difficulty: easy

This day after breakfast we will again trek back to Dhundi from the same route and drive from hundi to Manali to celebrate your successful summit. Overnight stay in a hotel.

Boots and crampons

Day 12: Buffer Day:

Before leaving Manali, we will check the climatic conditions and this is a buffer day so we will use this day if required during the Hanuman Tibba Expedition.

Inclusion And Exclusion

Things that are included in Mount Hanuman Tibba Expedition:

  1. Permissions of local authorities and entry fees fees. 
  2. Climbing Expedition insurance of our climbers.  
  3.  Hygienic food during the Expedition from day 1 Dinner in Hotel to last day breakfast in lady leg Campsite, We offer veg and eggs as per trekkers choice. 
  4. Well-trained and certified climbing instructors. 
  5. Transportation from Manali to Dhundi and Dhundi to Manali as per we mentioned in itinerary.
  6. Comfortable stay in some/alpine tents during the expedition. 
  7. Camps will be provided on 3 sharing basis, we also provide tents on 2 sharing basis with some additional fees. 
  8. Oxygen cylinders and fully equipped first aid box. 
  9.  All the important trekking things such as sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, dining tents, utensils, and kitchen tents. 
  10. Mule/porter for common equipment. 
  11. Insurance of staff of Broza Adventures 
  12. Broza Adventures will provide Achievement Certificates to the participants who summitted Mt. Friendship Peak.
  13. Lifetime sweet memories with team Broza Adventures. 

Technical equipment that we provide:

  • Climbing ropes, Static and dynamic. 
  •  Helmet for head protection. 
  • Ice Axe for balance, cutting, probing, extra security, support. 
  • Harness, Carabiners for extra safety
  • Mountaineering Boots And Crampons to improve mobility on snow and ice during ice climbing.
  • Descender, Jumar, Pitons, siling (if required) 

Things that are not included in Mount Hanuman Tibba Expedition:

  1. Any personal expenses. 
  2. Stay of last day in Manali hotel. 
  3. Porter for personal belongings. 
  4. Any item not mentioned in includes section. 
  5. Personal trekking equipment like, trekking shoes, jacket, trek pants, and backpack etc. 
  6. Any Sightseeing

Backpack offloading charges: 

Normally, every trekker is responsible to carry his/her personal belongings. But we will help you with carrying your luggage. You have to pay some charges for offloading backpacks: They are as under: 

  • INR 12,000/- if you make payment online before 10 days of the trek
  • INR 14,500/- after reaching Manali

You can carry a maximum weight of 11 kg and not more than that. Bags and suitcases are not allowed on the trekking journey.



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