friendship peak expedition

6 Days/5 Nights
5289 meters
-7°C to 15°C
38 Km

One of the most thrilling and challenging peaks of the Pir Panjal range, Friendship peak offers an extraordinary climbing experience. Standing at an altitude of 5289m, amidst the 6000er peaks of the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges, it acts as a viewpoint surrounded by mighty sky-scraping peaks. Some of the peaks that can be spotted on a clear day are, Mt. Hanuman Tibba, Shitidhar peak, Mt. Deo Tibba, Indrasan, Inderkilla, Mt. Papsura, and many more unnamed peaks of the Dhauladhar range.
Though the Friendship peak expedition is a short duration and 5000er peak, still it mustn’t be underestimated as it tests the skills as well as stamina of those climbing at almost every nook and corner. Therefore it requires prior high altitude climbing experience, at least as high as 4200-4500m along with trekking in snow conditions. The peak also demands basic technical know-how of mountaineering equipment such as ice-axe, harness, carabiner, crampons, descender, ice-piton, etc, as well as ascending and descending techniques in the snow while roped up. All the required techniques and equipment are thoroughly introduced and trained by the guides as and when these need to be used.

Best Time for Mt. Friendship Peak Expedition

The best time to accomplish this trek is in the months of May, June, August, September, and October. Winter season and July month are not advisable for this trek because of the landslides in July and heavy snowfall in winters after the month of October to April. 

You can witness of several majestic Himalayan mountains, peaks covered with squeaky-clean snow. Embrace yourself to witness enthralling views if you plan to do Friendship Peak trek during these months.

Weather And Temperature On Friendship Peak

Normally during the day the temperature remains between 12 to 18 degrees and at night it drops to -7 to 3 degrees.

Height, Distance And Difficulty Level Of Mount Friendship Peak

How Difficulty is Friendship Peak Trek? is known as one of the quite difficult treks of the Himalayas. It might not be the best expedition for first-timers, this is is an ideal trek for the experienced trekker who wants to push their limits to begin climbing expeditions journeys.

It might be a very easy Peak for those who have a great experience of climbing.

Short Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Manali and Drive to Broza Adventures Camp Solang Valley:

Day 02: Drive from Solang Valley to Dhundi and Trek to Bakarthach/Luhali thach:

Day 03: Bakarthach/Luhali Thach to Lady Leg Base Camp and Training:

Day 04: Practice, Acclimatization and Move to Summit Camp:

Day 05: Summit Camp to Friendship Peak Summit and Back to Lady Leg Base Camp:

Day 06: Reserve Day for Summit:

Day 07: Lady Leg Base Camp to Dhundi and Drive to Manali:

Detail Itinerary

Climbing to reach mount friendship

Day 01: Arrival in Manali and Drive to Broza Adventures Camp Solang Valley

  • Meeting point: Manali Mall Road
  • Pickup time: 10 am
  • Drive distance: 14 km
  • Driver Duration: 30 min

All the trekkers will meet at Manali Mall Road and drive to Solang Valley campsite, we have luxury camps, 12x12 rooms with a bedding system, attached washroom and balcony, and an allotment of tents so that you can relax and freshen up, after taking some rest, Our instructor will brief you about the whole upcoming journey, you can clear all your doubts regarding the expedition, check all important equipment mandatory for trekking. After lunch go for a hike to Anjani Mahadev waterfall, This will be followed by an acclimatization walk as it is important to acclimatize the body for the upcoming days of the expedition. after the hike of 2 hours head back to the campsite and have evening tea snacks, dinner, and overnight stay in Solang Valley. 

Trek from dhundi to luhali

Day 02: Drive from Solang Valley to Dhundi and Trek to Bakarthach/Luhali Thach

  • Altitude gain: 2560m to 3280m
  • Drive: Manali to Dhundi, 7kms (30 min)
  • Trek Distance: 3.5 kms (Dhundi to Luhali thach)
  • Trek duration: 2.5 – 3 hrs
  • Trail type:  A bit steep in the beginning followed more or less moderate hike until the base camp
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Water source:  Fewer sources therefore its recommended to carry 2 liters water per person

We start our drive to Dhundi after breakfast. The trek begins at Dhundi where we leave the road at Dhundi hydro project and start hiking through the right bank of beas river. The trail takes us to a plain meadow after about a 10-15min hike from where the pathway starts getting steep until we reach the ridge line which is covered with deodar forest. It is then followed by small ascends and descends through bushes further leading to open grasslands with Beas flowing on the left. Following the same trail on this narrow pathway surrounded by wild strawberries to munch on while hiking, we then come across a small river crossing across which lies our first base camp, Luhali thach.

Enjoy a delicious lunch in the lush green valleys of Beas and soak in nature.

Rest for a while in the assigned tents or relax around nature after which everyone will be gathered for acclimatization walk/ height gain.

 Acclimatization plays the most vital role in succeeding to summit any peak or complete any trek as it helps the body to adjust and synchronize with that particular temperature, climate and environment; without which one’s body may react adversely to the altitude gained and one may feel unpleasant, nauseous, headaches and unfit to continue with the expedition/trek. Hence, it’s mandatory for all the participants to participate actively in all the activities being conducted throughout the course of the expedition.

Dinner at base camp and sleep under the blanket of million stars.

Trek to Lady leg campsite

Day 03: Bakarthach/Luhali Thach to Lady Leg Base Camp and Training

  • Altitude gain: 3280m to 3840m
  • Trek Distance: approx 4 kms 
  • Trek duration: 3-4 hrs
  • Trail type: Steep climb
  • Difficulty level: Easy to moderate
  • Water source: 1-2 seasonal sources

Wake up to birds chirping and the river mildly roaring to a view of lush green surroundings walled up by mighty Dhauladhar with its enormous snow capped peaks kissing the heavens. Enjoy breakfast in the wild, pack up and begin with today’s hike through the beautiful meadows. The climb keeps getting more and more steep with every progressing step. After an hour or two of climbing through this section, we come across a small rocky patch which leads us to the base of the lady leg ridge. Keep following the trail up to the ridge line and we’re now faced with plain meadows, hike for 5-7 more minutes and you will see your campsite.

Enjoy lunch with a magnificent view of the summit surrounded by 6000er peaks all around. 

Establish/ check into the tents, rest for some time and get ready for introduction to the equipment, mountain terminologies and do’s & don’ts of mountains and camping followed by an integrated acclimatization walk and snow training.

Hydrate yourselves with some hot soup and delicious dinner.

Training day

Day 04: Practice, Acclimatization and Move to Summit Camp

  • Altitude gain: 3840m to approx. 4300m
  • Trek Distance: approx 4.5 kms 
  • Trek duration: 3-4 hrs
  • Trail type: Steep climb through rocky section and barren ridge line
  • Difficulty level: Easy to moderate
  • Water source: 2-3 streams in first stretch of the climb

Leave for advance base camp after breakfast. The path is through moraines and goes across several small streams for about 200mts after which the trail starts getting steep. The trail is well distinguished and leads to a huge cairn on the top of the ridge, behind which is the base camp. Establish tents and settle in. Lunch is served; make sure not to skip meals as otherwise one might not feel strong enough to push for the summit at midnight. Get ready for the last acclimatization walk and training. Equipment is assigned and everyone is trained well enough for the last time about how it is to be utilized. Today dinner will be served early at around 5-6pm after which we sleep for 5-6 hrs. Wake up at around 11:30pm and get ready with all the equipment, have a light meal and get ready for summit push by at least 12- 12:30am.

Summit camp

Day 05: Summit Camp to Friendship Peak Summit and Back to Lady Leg Base Camp

  • Altitude gain: 4300m to 5289m
  • Trek Distance: approx. 12kms 
  • Trek duration: 10-12hrs
  • Trail type: Steep climb through moraine and snow 
  • Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult
  • Water source: Fewer sources therefore carry at least 2lt per person

This is the last climb and therefore the most grueling part of the expedition. The initial section is through moraines (June-October) which further advances into snow. The climb is long and demands a strong body as well as mind. After traversing in the snow for about 3-4 hrs, we reach the first Col at almost sunrise. Col is a viewpoint from where we can enjoy the mesmerizing beas valley in the south to shimmering dhauladhar range in the south east. Hanuman Tibba standing tall in all its glory in the west turning from orange to yellow as the sunlight fills. Enjoy the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the sunrise from 4800+ mt altitude.

Resume the trek by climbing up the ridge in the north for about 100mts, then start traversing left for another 300mts. Here we again start climbing up after crossing the first crevasse very carefully. It is at this point that the summit, our desired destination, comes into sight.  After climbing for another hour, we reach the shoulder from where we again traverse a bit Head left and climb the ridge, continuing on the ridge that takes you to the summitsummit. 

Enjoy your time at the summit; relish the surroundings and a panoramic view of the peaks of lesser Himalayan ranges. Capture some memories and descend back to the lady leg base camp. Rest and rejuvenate in the base camp.

Climbing up to summit friendship peak

Day 06: Reserve Day for Summit

Today we will keep the reserve day, if for some reason it is not summitted due to bad weather, then on this day we will again try to summit Mount Friendship Peak. If we don't need to use buffer day we will trek down on day six from Lady leg to Dhundi and drive to manali.


Day 07: Lady Leg Base Camp to Dhundi and Drive to Manali

  • Altitude drop: 3840m to 2050m
  • Drive: Dhundi to Manali, 22kms (1 – 1.5hrs)
  • Trek Distance: approx. 7.5kms (Lady leg to Dhundi)
  • Trek duration: 3-4hrs
  • Trail type: Steep descend
  • Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
  • Water source: 2-3 water sources

Today is our last wrap up day of the expedition. Wake up early and delight in the serene surroundings for one last time. Collect as many memories as possible as that is all that remains after the actual experience ends. Descend back to Dhundi by 1-2pm where the cabs are waiting to be boarded to drive you back to Manali.

Our journey ends here at aprox 2-3pm. 

Please note, we try our level best to proceed as per the itinerary but in case of sudden weather change or other unforeseen circumstances which are unpredictable as well as unavoidable in  such surroundings, the itinerary may be altered to best suit the situation at hand.

Inclusion And Exclusion

Things that are included in Friendship Peak Expedition:

At Broza Adventure, we take full safety of every trekker. We provide different facilities to every trekkers such as:

  1. Permissions of local authorities and entry fees fees. 
  2. Trekking insurance of our Trekkers. 
  3. Permission of IMF. 
  4.  Hygienic food during the Expedition from day 1 Lunch to last day breakfast in lady leg Campsite, We offer veg and eggs as per trekkers choice. 
  5. Well-trained and certified climbing instructors. 
  6. Transportation from Manali to Dhundi and Dhundi to Manali as per we mentioned in itinerary.
  7. Comfortable stay in some/alpine tents during the expedition. 
  8. Camps will be provided on 3 sharing basis, we also provide tents on 2 sharing basis with some additional fees. 
  9. Oxygen cylinders and fully equipped first aid box. 
  10.  All the important trekking things such as sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, dining tents, utensils, and kitchen tents. 
  11. Mule/porter for common equipment. 
  12. Insurance of staff of Broza Adventures 
  13. Broza Adventures will provide Achievement Certificates to the participants who summitted Mt. Friendship Peak.
  14. Lifetime sweet memories with team Broza Adventures. 

Included technical equipment that we provide:

  • Climbing ropes, Static and dynamic. 
  •  Helmet for head protection. 
  • Ice Axe for balance, cutting, probing, extra security, support. 
  • Harness, Carabiners for extra safety
  • Mountaineering Boots And Crampons to improve mobility on snow and ice during ice climbing.
  • Descender, Jumar, Pitons, siling (if required) 

Things that are not included in Friendship Peak Expedition:

We do not include the following things in our trekking tours:

  1. Any personal expenses. 
  2. Stay of last day in Manali hotel. 
  3. Porter for personal belongings. 
  4. Any item not mentioned in includes section. 
  5. Personal trekking equipment like, trekking pole, trekking shoes, jacket, trek pants, and backpack etc. 
  6. Any Sightseeing

Essential things to be carried for Friendship Peak Expedition

  1. Wind & Waterproof Jacket 1, Down Jacket 1, Fleece Jacket 3, Collared Full Sleeve T-Shirt 3.
  2. Warmer / Thermal 1 (Top & Lower)
  3. Woolen Cap 1, Sun Cap/Hat 1, Neck Warmer 1, Woolen Gloves 2, Waterproof Gloves 1, Working Gloves 1.
  4. Warm socks 3, Woolen Socks 2, Trek Socks 2,
  5. Poncho / Rain suit 1 (Mandatory) 
  6. Waterproof Trekking Shoes with good grip .high ankle. 
  7.  Sunscreen Lotion, Lip Balm/Lip Guard.
  8.  Personal Medicines, please take advice from medical practitioners, Inhalers if any suffer from asthma or other.
  9. Water Bottle 2 (Mandatory) 1 Thermos flask if possible.
  10.  Head Lamp 2 with 4 extra pairs of Batteries (Mandatory). 
  11. Power Bank to charge your Mobile phone and Digital Camera. 
  12. Personal Toilet Kit, Early Towel and Toilet Paper, etc.
  13. UV-protected Sunglasses (Mandatory). 
  14. Trekking Pant 2, Climbing Pants 1 (both Mandatory).
  15. Rucksack (Min 70 liters) with rain cover.
  16. Daypack 15 Ltrs for day usage. 
  17. Dry Ration you can take (Protein Bars, Dry Fruits, Chocolates, etc) most important the Adventure Spirit.

 Mandatory Documents: Original & Photocopy of Govt. Photo Identity Card (any ofAadhar Card/Driving License/Passport), Medical Certificate from any Registered Practitioner (MBBS).and Passport and visa required for Non-Indians.

What our participants say about friendship peak expedition

  • By Subhash Jain 22 Oct 2022
    I recently did my first-ever trek with Broza adventures las. Iiend and we enjoyed every moment of the trek. During the friendship trek, our trekking group consisted of both experienced as well as fresher trekkers. All the guides of Broza Adventures were amazing with great fitness. Everyone in the group will motivate you which is required for newbies like us. The food that we got during the friendship peak trek was of the best quality. It is very difficult to get hot food at such high altitudes but Broza Adventures did it. Highly impressed and would recommend to everyone to travel with Broza adventures and experience it yourself.
  • By Vishnu Reddy 13 Jan 2023
    Choosing Broza Adventures for the Friendship peak expedition was the best thing. I have been on many treks but the professionalism that I experienced was amazing. The guides and the experts are very friendly and motivated which makes the overall experience much better. The cooking team ensured that the food are served delicious hot and fresh. The coordination among the staff was too good and I will suggest Broza Adventures to everyone out there who is looking forward to going and summit the Mt. Friendship peak.
  • By Anushka shetty 18 Jan 2023
    I went to the Friendship peak trek with Broza Adventures which is one of the top-rated adventure tour operators which provided us with everything that was mentioned in itinerary during the trek. The team made sure of the safety of the all trekkers. The guide Saurabh and the other team members was very professional and passionate for their work. Also, food was provided to us during the trek. Completely satisfied with the trek and looking forward to more such treks with team Broza.
  • By Ashmita Garg 20 Jan 2023
    Friendship peak expedition was on my wishlist for a long time. This time I went to explore the Friendship peak expedition with my group of friends. The rates that were charged by Broza Adventures were very affordable and there are many adventurous activities involved like Ziplining, Snowboarding, and others. The team leaders are very professional and they have a full idea about the place.
  • By Ashmita garg 20 Jan 2023
    Friendship peak expedition was on my wishlist for a long time. This time I went to explore the Friendship peak expedition in may with my group of friends. The rates that were charged by Broza Adventures was worth it.
  • By Alok Prajapati 20 Jan 2023
    I was suggested by one of my friends to go on the Friendship peak expedition with Broza Adventures. Since I was traveling solo so I met many new people on my trek and had the experience to trek with some of the best leaders during my trek. The services that are provided by Broza Adventures was excellent. When I went, the weather was bad but still, the team handled everything with professionalism and ensured a smooth trek. Looking forward to more such treks with Broza Adventures.
  • By Parag Upadhyay 25 May 2024
    I did friendship peak expedition with Broza adventures from May 18th to 23rd ‘24. This was my first expedition and my overall experience was very good. The team was very professional - starting with their communication while booking , welcome in Solang ,explaining the gear usage , climbing practice and rope management. I learnt many things from them and they were polite and courteous to answer all my questions. The other details like the camp site locations , camping gear , food variety and quality were commendable as well. I would definitely recommend the team of Broza adventures for Friendship peak expedition. They never leave any climber alone which is testimony to their professionalism.

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