dev roopa trek

5 Days/4 Nights
14,041 ft.
20°C to -4°C
48 Km
Himachal Pradesh

Girl at dev roopa

Dev Roopa is one of those treks in the world which is untouched by trekkers. Very few people know about this trek. Dev Roopa trek is located near the Malana Village in Himachal Pradesh. Dev Roopa Trek is also known as 'Descent of God' because the land is full of beautiful grasslands, mesmerizing waterfalls, and so many fields which are also home for so many animals. The Dev Roopa trek is relatively steeper than others. The Dev Roopa is a beautiful place and it is said that the total place measure is equal to 5 football grounds. Also, there are many zig-zag water streams which makes the overall experience even more beautiful. When you will see these water streams and the beautiful nature with your own eyes then you will be awestruck.

The only challenge which comes with this trek is the high altitude which is why you need to be fit if you are taking this trek. Only people above 18 years of age are allowed for this trek.

The Dev Roopa trek will give you a great life experience with a chance to explore its beauty.

Difficulty level of Dev Roopa Trek 

If you are looking for an off-beat destination for a great trekking experience then Dev Roopa Trek is the best destination. the difficulty level for this trek is 4 and it is considered a bit difficult trek as compared to the easy ones. We would be climbing to a height of around 4280 meters which requires more strength and endurance. It is suggested that first youbshould get an idea and experience in trekking and then you should go for Dev Roopa Trek. Having previous experience will make your trekking adventure smooth and you will enjoy even more.

Best time to do Dev Roopa Trek

As per the reports, the best time to do Dev Roopa Trek is from June to October since the weather at this time is favorable and not harsh making it a perfect time to explore and do some sightseeing as well.

Let's check out the full detailed itinerary of the Dev Roopa Trek with Broza Adventures:-

Short Itinerary

Day 01: Drive from Kasol to Waichin Valley and Trek to Magic Village:

Day 02: Magic Village to Mota Grahan:

Day 03: Mota Grahan to Bogdi Campsite:

Day 04: Bogdi to Dev Roopa and back to Bogdi Campsite:

Day 05: Bogdi Campsite to Waichin Valley and drive to Kasol:

Detail Itinerary

Waichin valley

Day 01: Drive from Kasol to Waichin Valley and Trek to Magic Village

  • Drive distance: 24 kilometres. 
  • Drive duration: 2 hours. 
  • Trek distance: 2.5 kilometres. 
  • Trek duration: 2 hours. 

After arriving at the Kasol, the whole of the Broza Adventure team will meet you at Kasol and then all the participants will be required to undergo registration procedures. we will start our journey from Kasol to Waichin valley 26 km drive after reaching there we will start trek to reach magic village. Here are some rules that you should know about the Valley Before taking any kind of picture, you are supposed to take prior permission. You are not allowed to burn wood in the village Hunting of wild animals is strictly prohibited in the village. After reaching magic valley you will get the experience of the beautiful valley and from here we will be starting our journey toward the Magic Village which will take around 3 hours.

On the way to mota grahan

Day 02: Magic Village to Mota Grahan

  • Trek distance: 5 kilometres.
  • Trek duration: 6-7 hours. 
  • Trail type: steep. 

On Day 2, we will be getting up early in the morning, and post breakfast, we would be starting our trek from the famous Magic Village to reach Mota Grahan. Mota Grahan will be our base camp for the journey. The trek from Magic Village to Mota Grahan will take around 7 hours and during the trek, you would find lots and lots of pine trees, forests, and some beautiful waterfalls. 

This day, we would be spending some sights at the  valley and we would be spending the day exploring. Post meals, we will move to our tents and after some time we will arrange a bonfire which will be fun. You can sit here for some time along with the other team mates but it is suggested that you sleep early as the next day we need to get up early as we would be move further.

Magic valley malana

Day 03: Mota Grahan to Bogdi Campsite

  • Trek distance: 5.9 kilometres. 
  • Trek duration: 6 to 7 hours. 
  • Trail type: normal himalayan trail. 

On this day, we will serve you hot breakfasts and after that, we would be again starting the trek for the day. We would be trekking from Mota Grahan to Bogdi which will be the best walk since there are lots and lots of beautiful landscapes. Bogdi is a kind of land that is considered sacred by the local people. We would be passing through some dense and lush green forests. While trekking, you will find some beautiful streams of water which would be running beside you. Also, this is considered to be a very sacred place for the local people here so one should be aware of the culture and other regulations.

We would also be taking one short break during the adventure trek with hot or packed lunch. Again, we would be starting our trek and on reaching Bogdi, we would be exploring that place and we will spend the night in the tents.

Dev roopa

Day 04: Bogdi to Dev Roopa and back to Bogdi Campsite

  • Trek distance: 8 to 9 kilometres up and down. 
  • Trek duration: 8 hours. 
  • Trail type: steep, normal and water crossong. 

The next morning, that is Day 4 is going to be an amazing day for all of us because we will trek from Bogdi to Dev Roopa our final destination. After trekking of 4 to 5 hours we will reach Dev Roopa. 

Dev Roopa is known for its scenic beauty, passing through lush green forests, meadows and offering panoramic views of snow-capped peaks. Dev Roopa is also famous for its religious significance as it is believed to be the place where Lord Hanuman carried the Sanjivani Booti to save the life of Lord Lakshman in the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Overall, Dev Roopa trek offers a perfect combination of adventure, scenic beauty and religious significance, making it a popular destination for trekkers and nature lovers. After speding some time in Dev Roopa, we will start our journey back to Bogdi campsite it will take 3 hours to reach back to our camp overnight stay in Bogdi.

Magic valley malana

Day 05: Bogdi Campsite to Waichin Valley and drive to Kasol 

  • Drive distance: 24 kilometres. 
  • Drive duration: 2 hours. 
  • Trek distance: 8 kilometres. 
  • Trek duration: 4 hours descend
  • Trail type: same like day 1 and day 2.

On day 5, post breakfast, we will be trekking from Bogdi to Waichin valley and drive to Kasol. Particularly, we have to trek down from Bogdi to Waichin valley and drive same as day one to reach Kasol. After reaching the famous Kasol, trekkers can visit holy Manikaran place and where you can get a dip in the holy water which will also relax all your tired muscles. Finally, from there we would be taking a car journey to reach Kasol. This will be the last time you will be with the entire team of Broza Advetures and from Kasol we will bid goodbye and move ahead to our respective about.

Advisory note for all the participants:-

  • Smoking or drinking alcohol for fun purposes is not allowed.
  • The instructions from the leaders and the guides are to be followed
  • You are not allowed to buy any kind of illegal thing from anywhere.
  • This is a group trek so you have to go along with the group at all times.

Inclusion And Exclusion


  • All kinds of transportation and Camping expenses are Company expenses. We will be transporting from one place to another through our vehicle.
  • First Aid kits. If you are to take any other personal medication as may be prescribed by the doctor then it is not included here.
  • Meals which include breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. Our team of cooks will provide you with hot meals throughout your trek adventure and we provide you with fresh food. We offer you a veg and non veg option( eggs) as per your choice.
  • Any permits which are required by the local authorities. You are not required to buy any permits individually. All of these expenses are taken care of by the Broza Adventures. 
  • Tents expenses. We will be setting up our tents where we will be spending our nights.
  • Trained guides- We provide you with fully trained leaders and guides who have a good number of experience in trekking. They will assist g you in your adventure trek
  • Camps are provided to you based on sharing mode. There are generally 3 people in one camp. However, with some extra costs, we also provide a camp for 2 people.
  • Trek completion certificate will also be provided to you once you reach the summit.


  • Personal Photography or Videography- We will be clicking pocturea at the end of the adventure which will be shared with you. However, if hire any personal photographer or videographer then those expenses are to be borne by you.
  • Outside fooding- All three times of meals and tea are included in the package. You can carry your food packs. If you are eating any outside food then those are your expenses.
  • Any kind of personal insurance is excluded from our package.
  • Personal Porter expense- Our team will be assisting you only in taking your bags from one place to another when we will be on our car journey. If you take any other personal porter service then those are your expenses.
  • Any sightseeing expenses are also not included in the package.

Things to be carried for Dev Roopa Trek

  • Carry your valid ID proof like Aadhar Card or passport as they are required for the registration process.
  • Mosturizer and sun cream to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Raincoats and umbrellas are other important things as there may be rain which might hamper your trek.
  • Good quality woolen clothes, gloves, and caps.
  • Good quality trekking shoes are important because we would be required to trek at a great height where there is only snow.
  • Personal Medication, if any that is prescribed by the doctor. It is very difficult to find medical stores in the mountains when we are trekking, so you are suggested to bring all your medications.
  • Good quality power banks or solar chargers are required to charge your phones in case we do not get charging points. It can be vera y useful to bring solar-powered charger as when we will be moving during the day, you would get some amount of sunlight which will keep your electronics charged at all times.

Frequently asked question about Dev Roopa Trek

1. What documents are required when I am going for the Dev Roopa Trek?

You shall have your valid passport or Aadhar Card.  Also, the soft copies shall be sent to us by. will be requiring the documents at the time of registration.

2. How to get the forest permit while I am going for the Dev Roopa Trek?

When you have planned your trek with Broza Adventures, you do not need to worry about any kind of permit because everything is already included in our package.

3. Will I get a network on my phone while I am on the Dev Roopa Trek?

Depending upon different service providers, generally, at the time of trekking, you may get network on your phone. However, it is to be noted that the network that will be available will be not very high and might not get a very stable connection everywhere.

4. Will I get my meals on this trek from the company?

Yes, Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, and Dinner are covered for us. If you want to have any kind of outside food then for that you have to bear your cost 

5. What are the other essentials that I must have during the trek?

Some other important things that must be included are camping or trekking shoes, a hat, energy bars, liquid energy powders, cream, and a warm innerwear to protect you from winds

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