chadar trek

9 Days/8 Nights
11,400 ft.
-5°C to -30°C
62Km Trek

Chadar Trek in Ladakh

chadar trek

Facing challenges in Chadar Trek is one of the best experiences of life. Trekking is truly bliss for those who want to try spontaneous and daring things. Chadar Trek is a challenging trek that every trekker must take once in a lifetime. Trekking on a frozen land with gigantic snowy mountains on one side is a dream come true for many people. 

Located at a height of 11,150 ft. this trek will give a mesmerizing experience. It starts from the beautiful Leh region and goes up to 9 days to reach the final destination. You have to be ready to trek a distance of around 62 km in 9 days. Long walks near the snow-capped villages of Zanskar valley will make you love this region. 

This trekking trail includes watching exotic animals in the frozen lands. Traversing through the dreamy patches of snow-covered lands can be defined as a story tale. Harsh and chilly winters will accompany you throughout the trip. Some of the best characteristics that define the Chadar trek include waterfalls, frozen rivers, snow-capped mountains, and wildlife. 

You will also see many notable points on this trekking trip. They include Gurudwara Pathar Sahib and Magnetic Hill. The white sand is one of the most significant places to watch on this route. It resembles the cold desert of Ladakh with infinite land covered with snow from all sides. From majestic landscapes to beautiful Nerak waterfall, this trekking trip is the must-visit trip for every trekker. 

Best time to do Chadar Trek 

Chadar Trek is an arduous trek that you have to do between snow-covered mountains. You can peek at the winter season to see the true beauty of the Leh region during this trek. The best time to do Chadar Trek is between January and February. Many trekkers choose these months to enjoy the difficult modes of Chadar Trek.

Short Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Leh and stay in the guest house:

Day 02: Acclimatization day and Stay in the Guest House:

Day 03: Medical checkup at SNM Hospital-Stay in the Guest House:

Day 04: Lower Shingra and Somo Paldar Stay in tent:

Day 05: Trek to Dib Cave/Tibb:

Day 06: Dib Cave/Tibb to Camp at Naerak frozen Waterfall:

Day 07: Naerak to Tibb/Gaylpo:

Day 08: Trek from Tibb Cave to Shingra Koma and return To Leh:

Day 09: Departure from Leh :

Detail Itinerary

Leh mall road

Day 01: Arrival in Leh (3500m) and stay in the guest house 

Today, it is day 1 and we all have to arrive at Leh. This region is blessed with huge snow-capped mountains from every side. Leh is a mesmerizing spot that will take your breath away. You will suddenly feel the chilly touch of winter in the Leh region. Dress up with sweaters and thick jackets to protect your body from winter. 

We will arrive at the guesthouse to rest and spend the full day. You can explore the beautiful Leh markets and buy some local stuff. Tonight, we have to spend time in the guesthouse and get prepared for the next day.

Accommodization to Shanti stupa

Day 02:  Acclimatization day at a height of 11,400 ft. Stay in the Guest House

Acclimatization is an important thing for trekkers who are going for Chadar Trek. Even today, we will spend in Leh to acclimatize to the local weather. It is a mandatory rule to spend at least 2 days in the Leh region before Chadar Trek. 

Just like on day 1, you can visit the local markets and some scenic spots of the Leh region. You can also visit the local sightseeing places to get an idea of the Leh region. Do not forget to wear warm clothes when you are visiting any spot of Leh as it is a very cold place located at a height of 11,400 ft. Same as day 1, we will spend the night in the guest house.

Leh city

Day 03: A routine medical checkup at SNM Hospital-Stay in the Guest House

Day 3 is as important as the previous two days for trekkers who are going for the Chadar trek. Today, we will go for a medical test. This medical test will show whether the trekkers are fit to go further in the trekking trip. 

If any trekker does not get a positive result, he/she will not be allowed to go trekking. This medical test is quick and takes a few minutes to show the results. We will spend tonight also in the guest house.

Tasmo paldar frozen

Day 04: Lower Shingra and Tsomo Paldar - Stay in tent

Altitude: 11,400 to 10,390 ft

Drive distance: 75 kilometers. 

Time taken: 1.5 to 2 hours. 

Trekking distance: 8 kilometers 

Time taken: 4 to 5 hours 

Trail type: Followed by Gurudwara Pathar Sahib 

Trekking difficulty: Difficult 

It is day 4 and today we are finally starting our trekking trip. Our first campsite for the day is Tsomo Paldar through Shingra Koma. We will drive for a distance of about 75 km near Gurudwara Pathar Sahib and Magnetic Hill. These are some breathtaking places in Ladakh not to miss. You will also see many other beautiful spots on this trip in your drive. 

We will get down from the car to click some amazing pictures of these sights. We will reach Shingra Koma after a driving time of 4 hours. After reaching Shingra Koma, we have to start trekking to reach Zanskar. 

You will come across many rock formations on the way to Zanskar. There is a continuous lining of icy roads waiting for you to step on them. However, you must walk slowly to know the fragile surfaces. 

You can use your walking stick to check the ice patterns. We will reach Zanskar by walking on these icy roads. Now, you have to walk on a difficult road for 1 and a half hours to reach Tsomo Paldar. Route to our campsite Tsomo Paldar is one of the most challenging paths that you must pass to gain good experience for further trips. Spend the beautiful as well as a tiring night at Tsomo Paldar campsite.

Trek from Dib to Tinb

Day 05: Trek to Dib Cave/Tibb -

Altitude: 10,550 - 10,760 ft. 

Trekking distance: 15 kilometers

Time taken: 6 to 7 hours 

Trail type: Followed by Zanskar waterfalls 

Trekking difficulty: Difficult

As we do on normal days, our trip will start early after breakfast. Chadar Trek distance is long as well as tiring but it is fun too. We have to move every step carefully on this trekking trail because of various ups and downs on the way. Today, we have to trek a long day to reach our next campsite which is Tibb Cave. 

One of the most fascinating things about this trek is the Zanskar waterfalls. You will come across many frozen waterfalls on your route to Tibb Cave. These waterfalls have interesting stories that you will come to know from the locals while traveling on this route. 

Zanskar waterfalls will follow you at every phase of this trek. Looking at the constant flow of green waters of Zanskar waterfalls leaves a wonderful impact on your mind. After crossing the Zanskar waterfalls, we will take a break and enjoy our lunch. After lunch, we will start our trip again to Tibb Cave. 

As we go further on this route, you will see various rock patterns. These rock patterns look artistic under direct sun rays that give a soothing touch to your mind and body. Finally, we will reach Tibb Cave after a long journey. Our night stay will be in tents at Tibb Cave.

Frozen Naerak waterfall

Day 06: Dib Cave/Tibb to Camp at Naerak frozen Waterfall 

Altitude: 10,760 ft. to 11,150 ft

Trekking distance: 12.5 kilometers 

Time taken: 6 to 7 hours 

Trail type: Followed by Zanskar region 

Trekking difficulty: Difficult

Today, we have to cover a long journey starting from our campsite Tibb Cave to Nerak. We have to walk about 13 km on the icy path to watch the most beautiful point of the Chadar trek, Nerak waterfall. This waterfall is a soul-soothing point that attracts many trekkers from all over the world. After walking for 3 to 4 hours on this route, we will have our lunch. 

After lunch, our journey to Nerak waterfall starts. Nerak waterfall has the coldest weather which can drop to even -30 degrees Celsius at night. Isn’t it exciting to trek in the chilly atmosphere of Nerak waterfalls? We recommend wearing thick woolen jackets to protect your body from harsh weather. 

We will reach Nerak waterfalls in the evening. It is one of the most iconic places that must form a part of your camera. The dreamy and frozen waterfall of Nerak will transport you into the world of dreams. We will also visit the nearby Nerak village if time permits. 

Our campsite for tonight is just 20 minutes away from this iconic waterfall. We will talk about this wonderful place and enjoy a sound sleep with amazing memories in our hearts.

Trek from Naerak to tibb

Day 07: Naerak to Tibb/Gaylpo

Altitude: 11,150 ft. to 10,760 ft. 

Trekking distance: 14.5 kilometers

Time taken: 6 to 7 hours 

Trail type: Followed by Zanskar region 

Trekking difficulty: Difficult

Today, we will return from the wonderful Nerak waterfalls to Tibb Cave. We will start our trip after breakfast. But today, you will see a great change in temperature on various routes. The temperature will differ slightly from the day on which we traveled to Nerak waterfalls. You will see a surprising change in layers of formation on this road. This pattern is just a mesmerizing and unforgettable view. 

The Chadar trek is one of the most thrilling experiences for every trekker. As far as possible, try to capture every moment of Nerak waterfalls and Tibb Cave on your mobile phone. You might not get this golden chance again in your life. We will stay at night in Tibb cave. 

Trek from Tibb cave to Shingra

Day 08: Trek from Tibb Cave to Shingra Koma and return To Leh

Altitude: 10,390 ft. to 11,400 ft. 

Trekking distance: 18 kilometers 

Time taken: 6 to 7 hours 

Trail type: Followed by Shingra Koma

Trekking difficulty: Difficult

You must be prepared to walk a long way again today. We will start our return trip from Tibb Cave in the early hours of the morning. The path that we followed while climbing up to Tibb cave is not the same now. You will be able to see beautiful rocks precisely now. 

From Tibb Cave, we will go upwards to Gyalpo and trek to Shingra Yokma. High mountain walls will surround you from both sides while walking on an icy road. If you are lucky, some animals such as Snow Leopard and Foxes might come on your way. This route is tough but gives a lot of beautiful things to view. 

Majestic Chadar will again appear on your way. Do not miss watching this superb place again and capture it with your camera and heart. We will reach Leh by evening. We will have an overnight stay in a guest house at Leh. Enjoy a good sleep with a bunch of memories of the Chadar trek in your dreams. 

Frozen Waterfall

Day 09: Departure from Leh 

Today is our last day. We will all separate with golden memories in our hearts and smiles on our faces. After breakfast, we will leave the guest house and go to the airport. Now, you have to continue the journey in a flight with stories of the wonderful Chadar Trek. Our Chadar trek package ends at Leh. 

Inclusion And Exclusion

Things that are included in the trek package 

To make your Chadar trek more remarkable, we provide many things in our trek package such as:

  • Sleeping mats, sleeping bags, and utensils for cooking
  • Certified trekking staff 
  • Forest permits and campsite fees 
  • Accommodation charges at Leh on the first day 
  • Meals during the trek (Both veg and egg options)
  • Standard porter for the whole group
  • Transportation fees from Leh to Tibb cave and back 
  • Team insurance of Broza Adventures 
  • Pulleys, ropes, and other safety tools

Things that are not included in our trek package  

Our trek package does not include the following things:

  • Insurance for every trekker
  • Meals are not included on days 1,2 and 3 at Leh.
  • Porter for every trekker
  • Other personal expenses 

Frequently Asked Question

What is the average temperature of the Chadar trek during the day?  

During the day, the temperature of the Chadar trek can go down to -10 degrees Celsius. But sunrays will keep you warm for some hours. 

Is the Chadar trek ideal for beginners? 

No, the Chadar trek is the toughest in India with different temperature levels and difficult routes. A strict medical checkup is done to ensure whether a trekker can go for this trekking trail or not. Generally, this trekking is not suitable for beginners. 

Will I need a walking stick to go for this trekking? 

It is not necessary to take a walking stick on this trip. But getting a walking stick will help you to find a trekking pole easily. You can also make firm steps while walking on icy and slippery roads. 

How difficult is the Chadar trek?

Chadar Trek is located at a massive altitude of 13,000 ft. This trekking trail has harsh climatic conditions at different points and zones. Trekkers will be tired after a long journey to reach this trek. So, this trek needs a strong physique with high endurance. 

How long is the Chadar trek?

Chadar Trek is 65 miles or 105 km long (one way). 

How many days are needed for Chadar Trek? 

Chadar trek is a long trail of 9 days starting from Leh and ending at Leh. The best time to enjoy Chadar Trek is between November and March. 

In which state is Chadar Trek?

Chadar Trek is a winter trail located in the union territory of Ladakh.  

How to reach the Chadar trek? 

You have to reach Leh to start your journey to Chadar Trek. You can reach Leh by flight, train, or car from Delhi. 

How to prepare for the Chadar trek?

You will need high energy levels and better stamina to finish this winter trail. Some of the best tips to prepare for the Chadar Trek include daily exercise, walking, and jogging. 

How to do the chadar trek?

Chadar Trek includes walking on the icy sheets and climbing on the icy rocks and boulders. You have to also take a rest in tents at night. 

On which river is the Chadar trek carried out?

Chadar Trek is carried out on the frozen River Zanskar in Leh. 

Where is the Chadar trek located?

Chadar trek is located in the union territory of Leh on the Zanskar River. 

What is the Chadar trek in Ladakh famous for?

Chadar Trek is famous for the frozen River Zanskar which gives an unforgettable experience to the trekkers. 

What is the Chadar trek?

Chadar Trek is a winter trail starting from Leh. 

How difficult is the Chadar trek?

You will see a different pattern in weather conditions while going for Chadar Trek. The temperature in this trek goes down up to -25 degrees Celsius. You will witness snow-covered mountains, frozen rivers, and icy sheets during this period. 

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